Laboratory and in-line tester apparatus

This category shows different examples of devices made for quality control departments. Whether for the manufacture of an instrument which must be conform to a standard specific to your industry, for internal audits, to verify the qualitée of each product on your production line or simply a device used to verify a sampling, Conseil Genmec is able to achieve your quality control, taking into account the degree of accuracy that you need.

Out-of-round measurment device

This device is used to check the deformation level of the paper roll after handling. It is light and does not take much space because of its used
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Diameter measurment device

this device is installed directly in the finishing line to check the diameter of the paper roll before the wrapping operation.
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JAFA (force analyser )

Finger-jointing machine use variable speed rolls to press the blocks togheter and ensure adequate bonding. However,operators have had no means of measuring the pressure thus applied to the
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Creep jig for ASTM D-3535 standard

This device has been designed as a test method for resistance to deformation under static loading for structural wood laminating adhesives used under exterior (wet use) exposure conditions.This
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Illuminating table for visual inspection

Table that allows to observe the defaults of a translucent product as a sheet. This table project a uniform light above and/or bellow the product to be inspected.
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wear indicator

Measuring instrument used to check the wear of the inner surface of a tank of heating for the aluminium plants. This instrument measures the inner diameter of the
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Bending tester accessories

Different accesories proposed for our bending testers
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Aggregates mixer

this device has been designed to mixe different types of aggregates
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This equipment can test the reaction of a laminated or jointed product in an pressure or vacuum environment.
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Tensile and bending tester

this economic device can make a bending test or a tensile test on a sample.
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Tensile tester machine

This laboratory equipment has been designed to test (destructive test) the capacity of a sample to resist to a traction force.
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Bending test machine

Used to calcul the reactions of MOE and MOR created by the bending application load.
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