Maintenance equipments

This category shows examples of devices, often designed for a specific applications designed to facilitate and shorten the time spent on maintenance.

Handling equipment

Systech has developed and implemented various trolleys for large rollers or where a long pièce has to move in tight spaces requiring a mechanism that plays on the turning radius of the
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Lifting equipment

SYSTECH INDUSTRIE will design and build any lifting equipement and rudders in accordance with the dimensions and weight of the product to lift.
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Solid particle conveyor

Conveyor used to make the ongoing maintenance of under floor chanels.A conveyor scrapers removes solid particles that clog the mesh surface of the conveyor to permit only the
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Powerful cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has been designed to collect the dust and particles at the places where it is difficult to reach, for exemple, the carbon dust accumulated in
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wear indicator

Measuring instrument used to check the wear of the inner surface of a tank of heating for the aluminium plants. This instrument measures the inner diameter of the
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