Pulp and paper equipments

This category shows different examples of equipment designed and manufactured for the pulp and paper indusries. These examples of product have been selected to show our presence in all departments of paper mill.Whether the arrival of chips to the instruments used to verify the quality of the rolls, Genmec is able to realize all projects related to this industry.All devices manufactured at Conseil Genmec inc. are tailored to specific customer needs. It is therefore possible to modify in part or in whole apparatus represented on this site.

Production line devices

This category shows Genmec achievements in manufacturing. Conseil Genmec has, by his experience, knew how to find ideal solutions to facilitate processing, to move, lift or rotate components of different sizes and weights.

Safety guard and products

This category is a survey of differents safety elements installed in different type of plant. 

Maintenance equipments

This category shows examples of devices, often designed for a specific applications designed to facilitate and shorten the time spent on maintenance.

Laboratory and in-line tester apparatus

This category shows different examples of devices made for quality control departments. Whether for the manufacture of an instrument which must be conform to a standard specific to your industry, for internal audits, to verify the qualitée of each product on your production line or simply a device used to verify a sampling, Conseil Genmec is able to achieve your quality control, taking into account the degree of accuracy that you need.



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